Vita Warranty - Pages

05/16/2022 10:41:58 PM
Vita Cabinetry warrants the following cabinets will be free of manufacturer defects for 5 Years from the moment of purchase for Stained cabinets, and 2 years for painted cabinets in regular residential use. This Limited Warranty is only applicable to Products sold to the first Residential Purchaser and used in the applications described below within the United States.

Residential Purchaser is a person with proof of direct purchase of cabinets from Vita Cabinetry LLC and This warranty is non-transferable. For all other customers warranty claims cannot be made directly to Vita Cabinetry LLC by the customer. Claims must be submitted to authorized builder, dealer or distributor where they purchased from.

Warranty does not cover defects caused by mishandling, abuse, dirt, chemicals abrasive products, ins- tallation, transit, product modification Exposure to extreme temperature, moisture, humidity and other negligent damage. The product must be used exclusively for its intended purpose in order to be cove- red by its limited warranty.

Warranty does not cover the cost of installation, removal or transportation of product. If product is dis- continued Vita Cabinetry will try to replace the parts under warranty with a new part similar to style cur- rently offered and will not be held responsible for replacement product that many not exactly match previously installed product.

Natural woods may vary in color, grain pattern and characteristics or exhibit changes as they age and are not considered defects. Vita cabinetry will not be held responsible for these variations in your cabi- netry. Gaps that may developed in door joints due to conditions of their environment such as hairline cracks are not included or covered in this limited warranty

All door warpage greater than 1/2" will be warrantied, please place item and check on flat surface
before requesting replacement.

To file a claim please contact your authorized builder, dealer or distributor where the items where purc- hased from. They will obtain information necessary to made a claim decision and forward such informa- tion in writing to Vita Cabinetry. A dated proof of sales is required to obtain benefits of warranty.