Vita Average Cost of Renovating a Parents' Bathroom

11/02/2022 6:14:10 AM
Average Cost of Renovating a Parents

Considering the price ranges of labor and materials today, the cost of remodeling the parent bathroom can vary. Many materials and products in the market are affordable and of high quality. If you are looking for en-suite bathroom cabinets among these products, VITA CABINETRY will be the right choice for you. You can have your bathroom countertops, bathroom cabinets, and bathroom vanity needs both in high quality and at affordable prices.

Main Bathroom Renovation Cost

If you want to renovate your main bathroom, you need to choose the best materials. At the same time, we recommend that you consider long-term use when choosing some materials.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Parents’ Bathroom Renovation

Settlement and Plumbing

If your budget is limited, we recommend that you do not change the installation of your en-suite bathroom. The price ranges of an installation are increasing nowadays. So keep in mind that it will significantly increase your remodeling cost. What you will do during this time is check your installation for any damage and replace the old pipes with new ones.

Bathroom floors

If you have a large floor area for your parents’ bathroom, you may have to increase your budget for this renovation. Therefore, we would like to point out that the most common and affordable bathroom flooring materials you can have are ceramic, porcelain, and linoleum tiles. Standard designs are generally in the minimum range. However, if you prefer those with complex patterns, your budget for the floor will also increase. 

Lighting and Electricity

Lighting is very important for the parents’ bathroom renovation. When you do not realize that the floor is slippery, you may encounter accidents such as slipping. Installing beautiful lighting fixtures will also affect the aesthetics of your bathrooms. Choose the ones that are suitable for the walls and floor of your space. In your electrical works, if the electrical connections of your bathrooms have not been checked for a long time, we recommend that they be checked and replaced. 

New Vanity

Wouldn't you prefer a white marble vanity? The average cost for this is as follows:


You can choose high-quality and craftsmanship tables to dispose of your old vanity countertop and install a new vanity.


You can use your vanity material preference for marble. If you are in mid-range quality and affordable price ranges, granite and quartz are your best choices. You should not ignore that the price of your countertop depends on the quality of the stone material used.

Window Installation

Letting natural light in would be a great feature for any bathroom remodel. Opening windows also allows moisture to escape, preventing any mold from forming.

New Bathtub Or Sink

If you want to choose a new sink or bathtub, you can choose according to the quality of the material and your taste. Other features that might interest you for your main bath include:

  • Prefer heated floors outside your bathtub or shower.
  • Prefer floating vanity.
  • Check out the built-in closet options for the parents’ bathroom.
  • Choose another bathtub or shower.