Vita Bathroom Vanity Design Tips

10/19/2022 5:08:22 AM
Bathroom Vanity Design Tips

We can make small spaces in our homes special with bathroom vanity ideas. Bathrooms can have limited space. But you can personalize it by adding a creative touch to it. VITA CABINETRY is here to give you tips on how to give your bathroom a timeless uniqueness with a vanity.

Create a Layout

We all know that bathrooms have space constraints. Because of this, you should carefully decide how big the bathroom cabinet will be and whether it will fit in your bathroom. While some individuals create bathroom vanity areas separated by a transition, other individuals prefer a cabinet section and horizontal vanities. Whichever option you choose, you have to be sure to maximize the space by adding a vanity. 

Decide How Many Sink There Will Be

Like sink cabinets, sinks can be attached to bathroom cabinets. Some homeowners may want to have double sinks. But this depends on the overall size of your bathroom. The sink can be mounted on the left or right sides or in the middle. In other sections, it can be used as a standard drawer or cabinet door.

Choose Your Dream Style

It is an important process to have the bathroom makeover that you dream of and want to realize. In this process, you do not only choose the color, but we also choose the vanity style. As a traditional alternative, you can choose a built-in wardrobe or a freestanding vanity cabinet that is not attached to any wall. A floating vanity is another option.

You Must Choose the Right Countertop

If you just want to add decor to your bathroom, installing a wall-mounted counter is a good alternative. There are several types of materials that can best overcome your work as countertops in your bathroom. These are known as quartz and granite countertops. These materials are the most popular alternative due to their durability. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity


You should choose a location for your vanity that won't block your bathroom's traffic flow or get in the way of the bathroom shower door swings. If you cannot visualize it completely, you may prefer to use vanity. This helps you think about how the vanity will impact the rest of the room. Once you've decided on the placement, you can likewise narrow down the size. You will need to take some measurements to determine how tall and how wide the vanity can be. 


Plumbing will be a part that will determine where you will put your makeup, at a high rate. Since changing your installation is important in terms of time and money, you should evaluate the process carefully and meticulously. For example; for a floor-mounted vanity, you can prefer the standard plumbing scheme. You should also keep in mind that a wall-mounted vanity will require moving the plumbing connections for your sink. 

It is not impossible to replace your plumbing, but you should remember that it depends on what you want and the budget you have allocated for the project. If you decide to work with your existing plumbing installation, this process will help you narrow down your vanity choices. 

Storage Requirements

You know that another of the advantages of a bathroom vanity is having more storage space. When considering bathroom cabinet alternatives, make a list of what you keep in your existing vanity cabinet to get an idea of how much storage you need. You have to plan for what you need to have on hand and what you need to have nearby.

General dimension

Your vanity size is always important to the size of your bathroom. Regardless of your storage needs, placing a large vanity in a small bathroom will not be a healthy choice. The amount of storage required will affect the size of the vanity. But even more important is the size of the room it is in. 32 inches as standard is the preferred height measurement for most bathroom sinks.


Vanities are places that are humid, wet, and have a high traffic flow. The materials that vanity the bathroom cabinet must keep up with this environment. Some materials will be more suitable than others for hot and humid climates. You may like the look of a material or coating, but it may not be waterproof or susceptible to scratches. Wood coatings are materials that will be appropriate in the bathroom. They also have good looks!