Vita The 2 Best Materials for Countertops: Quartz and Granite!

07/20/2022 8:39:52 AM
The 2 Best Materials for Countertops: Quartz and Granite!

Quartz and granite; are the materials used in thecountertops of kitchens and bathrooms. quartz and granite; are the materialsused in the countertops of kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz and granite, whichare in many designs today, are among the most useful materials popularized around the world.

Although individuals haverecently wanted to choose granitecountertops in the selection of countertops to be preferred within thescope of kitchen and bathroom countertops, there is also quartz among their other options. In this context, although individuals have difficulty in choosing between twomaterials, the most important issue here is how well the materials used have a structure.

Although options such as quartz and granite in the selection of countertops today leave individuals undecided about their choice the place owned and the decoration of the placeare very important in this direction.

Known as quartz processed stone, it is amarble countertop-like structure in which various chemical materials are added.Granite, on the other hand, is one of the materials with a healthy, organic,and more unique processing, with its structure obtained in the form of naturalstone in natural mines.

Quartz Durability and Strength in Countertops!

Quartz countertops; It is defined as stone products, which areengineered products that contain a high percentage of natural quartz, but additionally retain other minerals.

Quartz materials are not just quarriedstone slabs but are made from stone by-products that are ground and turned intoslabs for countertops and other products. Quartz countertops come to the fore with the fact that they do not containbacteria easily.

Quartz countertops offer color alternatives in various tonessuch as black, white, brown, gold, blue, gray, and navy blue colors uponrequest. Thus, these countertops support the achievement of much more modernand unique kitchens.

Granite Aesthetics on Countertops!

Quartz countertops have become quite popular nowadays. The mainreason for this increase in popularity is its appearance.

Quartz, with itsstone appearance, also allows individuals to privatize their home designs.Granite countertops offer many alternatives in terms of appearance and providethe right pieces to match color schemes. With the quartz options, the selectionprocess is quite easy and comfortable.

Considerations in the Use of Quartz and Granite Countertops

Quartz and granite countertops are strong against stains and scratches. However, some rules should be observed during the maintenance and cleaning processes.

At the beginning of these things to be considered, granite countertops should be periodically maintained at least once a year with wiping and brightening applications. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, do not require such processing.

On the other hand, both types of countertops show superior resistance to chemical cleaners. Another point to be considered is that the repair of quartz countertops may not be possible in case of any damage. Granite; It can be repaired with surface polish. In the repair applications of quartz countertops, the repaired areas cannot be fixed in a concealed manner.

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