Vita Points to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Countertop Height

08/13/2022 5:17:55 AM
Points to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Countertop Height
The bathroom countertop is of great importance for bathroom designs. Bathroom counters are one of the areas where we carry out our personal routines.

They are the areas where we look in the mirror and brush our teeth and mentally review our daily routines. When it is time to renovate our bathrooms, we generally prioritize the height of the bathroom countertop, which plays an important role in this process. There are some points that we should pay attention to when choosing the height of the bathroom countertop. These;

1- Field Width

The available space in the bathroom largely determines the height of the countertop. A small space brings the use of a small size countertop with a shorter height. A large bathroom includes enough space to accommodate a cabinet with standard bathroom countertop height.

2- Current Number of Users

The countertop height will be the link with the number of people who will use the bathroom. When choosing the bathroom counter height, we will also need to consider the number of people using the bathroom. Considering whether children or large family members will use it, the height of the bathroom counter should be an accessible height.

3- Lighting and Bathroom Installation

The location of the plumbing and other electrical work is another point that determines the countertop height. In general, it should be high enough to keep the installation hidden, and close to the lighting source will give you an advantage. In addition, being away from electrical outlets will be beneficial for your health.

4- Kid's bathroom or parent's bathroom?

The standard bathroom countertop height is generally set at 30 - 32 inches. This height remains quite high for children. Who will use the countertop is the most important point that determines the size. There are various heights suitable for the children's bathroom and the parents' bathroom. The ideal counter height should be suitable for the user. It would be healthy to have a lower counter height for children and longer countertops for adults.

5- Other features of the bathroom

When renovating your bathroom, mirrors, cabinets and other features that are not desired to be changed should be included in the design and matched correctly. The new countertop height also needs to match these undesirable structures. For this reason, it is important for appearance and use that it is not too short for the mirror or too long for the cabinet.

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