Vita Traditional and Modern Cabinet Guide

10/05/2022 2:31:41 PM
Traditional and Modern Cabinet Guide

Which type of cuisine reflects you more? Traditional cuisine or modern cuisine with a more unique artistic atmosphere? So, not sure what you need to do to create the impression you want? The specific designs of a kitchen are highly associated with cabinets. In this context, when choosing kitchen cabinets, you should be sure of exactly what you want. You can check out our design guide below, which identifies the clear differences between traditional and modern kitchen cabinets. 


When examined within the scope of traditional kitchen cabinets, this cabinet type has a glass front cabinet, open wine, racks, and more. Modern designs generally give a more monotony appearance. But there are some advantages that modern designs have given. Modern kitchens feature compact sliding drawers, stain-proof laminate, and much more. Also, consider that the most exclusive kitchen cabinets will have more or less features to appeal to every individual. In brief, there is no practicality or longevity difference between modern and traditional cabinets.


Texture within the term of design; represents the visual texture of a product. For example; glossy paints reflect more light. On a surface, it allows slight color change. Generally, traditional kitchen cabinets have more texture, while modern cabinets give a smoother and neater appearance. Features like glossy wood surfaces, lighter wood grains, adornment, and beadboard give traditional cabinets an old-fashioned look. Individuals who prefer modern cabinets prefer a cleaner look, frameless ones that have pulled and side handles. However, individuals who do not want a sterile image prefer bright paint colors and more advanced materials.


Generally, traditional cabinets create a more unique and elaborate kitchen layout. Angled corners, rounded fronts, and curved bars give kitchens a traditional look. Since simplicity is the keyword in modern cabinets, the placement of cabinets should be given priority to right angles and parallel surfaces. Arrangement and island layouts are seen as preferred arrangements in modern kitchens. Therefore, when you want to buy custom kitchen cabinets online, you can use our guides if you want your kitchens to achieve a more modern or traditional look. We would like to state that neither style is superior and they always depend on individual preferences. When you want to know more, VITA CABINETRY will design your dream kitchen with special kitchen cabinets. Find the best selection of kitchen cabinets available in your country.